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The STEM Education Collaborative partners with Project Lead the way (PLTW), vex robotics, and the rec Foundation to provide schools, organizations, and other groups access to high quality and affordable robotics and stem educational opportunities




PLTW Engineering articulated credit for Arkansas tech

Registered ATU students who have successfully completed PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) will be given articulated credit for MCEG 1002 Engineering Graphics. Students who have successfully completed PLTW Principles of Engineering (POE) will be given articulated credit for MCEG 1011 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering. To receive articulated credit at no charge for the courses identified above, the students and the school at which they studied must satisfy the following criteria;
In each course to be articulated, the students must achieve each of the following:
a.) Course grade of at least 85%
b.) PLTW end of course stanine score of 6, 7, 8, or 9
Both supported by documentation from the high school or program of agency 


重庆欢乐生肖投注网站Please use the contact information below for specific professional development requests and/or application for PLTW Articulated Credit.

Sarah Burnett





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