Computer Information Technology 

重庆欢乐生肖投注网站With the growing importance of computers in the workplace and the emphasis on more sophisticated technologies, qualified computer technicians are in high demand. This program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become network administrators. Training includes microcomputer operating systems, basic networking skills, computer repair and troubleshooting skills, and Internet knowledge. This program of study prepares students to sit for the A+ Certification exam.

重庆欢乐生肖投注网站The Computer Information Systems program integrates, and is certified in, Cisco CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals. CCNA Exploration prepares students for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education, and pursuit of globally-recognized Cisco CCNA certification.


Kale Rudolph
Program Chair

Technology and Academic Support Building
1700 Helberg Lane
Ozark, AR 72949

(479) 508-3323